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Scale male mannequin

Scale male dressmaking mannequin advantages

Minia dressmaking dummy will revolutionise your approach to dressmaking and patternmaking works!
Minia is a faithful scale reproduction of a size IT 48 (UK 38).
Its composition in polyurethane foam turns it light weight and easy to handle, at the same time this innovative material is very resistant, strong and reliable.

Don’t forget to combine your Minia mannequin with its customised pedestal!

  • You can concretely evaluate your dressmaking project from the very beginning.
  • Experiment your ideas very quickly, following the flow of your creativity.
    Save money and fabric resources, thanks to its halved measures.
  • Take 100% realistic pictures. Without reference points, the dimensions in the photo will give the impression of natural dimensions.

Dressmaker's mannequin for sale: which one to choose?

In our online store you can find different types of half-scale mannequins, each of them carefully designed. Their features determine different purposes.

  • The half-scale black male mannequin is perfect for moulding (moulage technique). Softer than the other dummies, you can easily position the fabric and pin it directly on its surface.
  • The grey version is perfectly suitable as a fashion drawing mannequin. You can draw directly on the surface to delimit the areas by outlining them.
  • The red version is conceived as compromise between design object of furniture and functionality. Limited availability.