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Sewing accessories

Sewing Tools online

During my experience I got to know all the tools necessary for sewing work, learning how to distinguish the quality ones. I decided to make my know-how available to customers, selecting only the best for dressmaking: first choice accessories that will really help you on your creations.

Dressmaking Scissors and Tape Measure online on Minia

Good quality dressmaking scissors and tape measure are the essential sewing tools, as they are the most frequently used accessories. I have personally selected two types between the best dressmaking professional scissors: dressmaking shears with burnish blades 8,25 inch (21cm) and shears with stainless steel blades 9,5 inch (24,5cm). I daily use them, they are great! In my sewing tools selection, you can also find two types of tape measure according to your needs. The classic flexible tape measure meets all professional requirements, it is an accessory that must be present in a dressmaker workspace. The retractable tape measure is thin and perfect for precision measurement.

Dressmaking French Curve Rulers and Pattern Making Quilting Rulers for sale online

Another basic tool in modeling is the french curve ruler for pattern making.
It is fundamental to draw rounded lines with maximum precision, such as sleeves and necklines.

The pattern making quilting ruler for sale in Minia is very versatile and it is useful to measure and draw perpendicular and straight lines. The double-scale (1:1 and 1:2) and its subdivisions in centimetres will also be very functional in the case of scale creations.

Design Clothing Rack

Minia designed a clothing rack to show your creations. Made of white forex and complete with wooden pole, this clothes rack is also perfect as a piece of furniture: in addition to being very functional, it is pleasant modern designed. Don’t forget to combine it with the Minia coat hangers!

Evanescent Pen for Fabrics, Magnetic Pin Holder and other sewing tools